The first Bixxis road model with a disc brake


Versatility, design, strenght: the first fork designed by Bixxis

Prima XL

Contemporary design, more substantial forms and typical lightness


The first gravel Limited Edition by Bixxis.
20 pieces built in collaboration with Chris King and Enve.


All the grit of a gravel with the racing soul of a Bixxis.
From today with the revolutionary Campagnolo Ekar 13 speeds groupset.


Epopea makes ciclyng’s most epic times live again.
Seel bicycle, cast steel lugs, SLX tube set.


The Bixxis handmade bicycle collection starts from Prima.
Steel frame featuring the X-Stays system
and one-piece CNC-machined dropouts.

Now also in the D11 variant.


The Bixxis handmade bicycle continue with Pathos.
Titanium frame with tapered and double butted tubeset.

The Bixxis idea

The taste of true Italian craftsmanship.

Back to basics with steel and titanium bicycle frames.
This is our philosophy.

How we build a Bixxis

Each Bixxis bicycle is unique.

Because it’s custom-made by Doriano De Rosa,
specifically for the cyclist who will ride it.
We’re guiding you through the production process.

Doriano De Rosa at the jig

Doriano's story

Doriano De Rosa creates Bixxis in 2015 with his daughter Martina. Learn about his life as a frame-builder.

A Bixxis bicycle frame featuring the X-Stays system

The X-Stays system

The proprietary set of tubes used for each Bixxis bicycle is designed to further enhance performances on the road.

Technical drawing for a Bixxis bicycle quotation

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